Agenda for DSNP community meeting 2023-08-17

Hi all,

I will be taking a crack at hosting the DSNP Community Call tomorrow.

Time: 10-10:50am PDT / 1-1:50pm EDT / 6-6:50pm BST


  • Updates from Aug. 2 DSNP Advisor Summit

  • Status update on DIP-257 Attribute Set Announcements and attestation

  • Open discussion of topics raised in the Provider Removal of Content & Transparency issue. We will focus on the ethical aspects of these questions in this session; once we have consensus on the desired functionality, we will ask for technical proposals to be developed and brought to the next meeting. Key questions:

    • What mechanisms should exist for providers to communicate about and remove content for compliance with local legal requirements or terms of service violations?
    • How can a user ensure the continued availability of their content in cases where their relationship with the provider originally hosting that content has been terminated?
  • Questions

Zoom link: Join a Meeting - Zoom

Look forward to hearing from you then. The recording of the meeting will be posted as usual (see pinned topic in this forum for details).