Batch Announcements Only for Now

Just a quick update on how some things are changing from the whitepaper to working toward the first version of the spec.

In the whitepaper there is an appendix that describes to Batch Message Announcements. With the state of blockchain currently, direct Announcements to the chain, while a desirable end state, is not currently cost effective. The dual nature of supporting both batch messages and direct messages was proving more complex than anticipated. To reduce that complexity and target the most common use case first, we are currently only writing the spec to support batch message announcements. I’ll note that “direct” announcements are still “possible”, but require a batch of one to go along with it.

Much of the discussion was through the various PRs relating to announcing:
Closed: DSNP Announce Spec with Routing by wilwade · Pull Request #11 · LibertyDSNP/spec · GitHub
Winner! DSNP Annoucing Spec by wilwade · Pull Request #15 · LibertyDSNP/spec · GitHub

You’ll also note in PR #11 above that the idea of routing. This is close to some of the ideas around how Ethereum handles topics. Discussions will continue about how to provide some filtering or routing into the Batch Announcement.