Coroner's conclusion is a landmark ruling about online content

Such tragedies remind us of the importance of Project Liberty. We believe this is a legal precedent, so worth sharing.

The coroner said he did not “think it would be safe" to leave suicide as a conclusion for himself to consider, instead finding Molly “died from an act of self-harm while suffering depression and the negative effects of online content”. Online material viewed by Molly Russell ‘was not safe’, Coroner concludes:
Molly Russell: Online posts viewed by tragic 14-year-old were not safe for child to see, coroner rules | Evening Standard

“This should send shockwaves through Silicon Valley - tech companies must expect to be held to account when they put the safety of children second to commercial decisions.”:

Molly Russell: Social media a factor in teenager’s death, coroner says - BBC News
It is some consolation for the parents and siblings that there will be liabilities for the effects of negative content.

“These young people are the collateral damage of a “move fast and break things” culture in the tech industry, where tragedy is met with a wilful corporate blindness.”:

The Molly Russell inquest verdict damns Silicon Valley. There can be no more excuses | Peter Wanless and Beeban Kidron | The Guardian

The imminent Online Safety Bill (UK) will no doubt reflect this verdict. Thanks, Patrick