Developer Update - July 2022

In July, our contributors focused time and energy on the roadmap for Frequency’s launch. We will have more to share more on those decisions in the coming updates. As always, we invite you to add your comments and questions to the posts and updates at - and thanks!

  • July Frequency Update - Summary of Progress

    • Lots of progress on core functionality of the chain with 27 PRs merged.
    • Governance research in progress. Objective is MVP and a roadmap for decentralization.
  • Upcoming

    • Frequency parachain:
      • More concept posts on Economics + Capacity.
      • Updated parachain auction milestones and timelines.
    • DSNP on Frequency:
      • Concept post on Private Channel creation.
      • Refactoring roadmap for DSNP.
    • We’ll also be joining our colleagues from Project Liberty at Unfinished Live, Sept. 21-24 @TheShedNY! Join us to shape what’s next for our collective digital future. For Early Bird tickets (through July 14) and more info, visit
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Great progress! Keep it up

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