Docs to use DSNP

Hi everyone ! Would love to implement DSNP in my blockchain !

Is there any docs I can follow to do it ?

Thanks !

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Hi John!

The starting place is which has the chain agnostic part as well as the implementations for Frequency (Draft) and Ethereum (Deprecated).

We’re really focusing on getting Frequency launched and working before working toward the longer term goal of multi-chain right now.

What blockchain are you most interested in working with right now? I wonder if Frequency could be used (once launched later this year) until DSNP can have a better multi-chain setup.


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Thanks for answering fastly !

I would like to use it on Kusama ! Not in the parachain frequency for the moment. I would need to make tests on Kusama to check how it works.

Is it possible ? Because on spec, I have not found code I could use.

Because Kusama is just a relay chain, I am not sure it has what it would need to make something like DSNP work.

Frequency we are trying to launch on Polkadot by the end of the year. We are cutting an interface stable version on Monday :crossed_fingers:. So if you wanted to try testing against the docker image it should be doable.

Thanks again.

If I want to test it on a parachain (or let’s say to my local node solo chain). What code could I use ?

Since Frequency is a parachain itself, right now you’ll need to run the frequency repo locally. You could always fork it and pull in your pallet code if you wanted just to play around with it, especially if you wanted to try building it for Kusama.

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