Documentation and Sample Code Suggestions

In trying to understand this project, I had a lot of questions. As Liberty gears up to start explaining its work to the public, here is a list of explanatory material that might be useful.

  • Explanation of what blockchain buys us at a technical level - what
    does it open up that a non-blockchain solution (say, a DHT) can’t
  • Docker script for getting a working dev setup (whatever that means)
  • Bash script and step-by-step instructions for getting a working dev setup
  • Block diagram explaining all the moving parts
  • Document detailing typical workflows and interactions
  • Simple recipe for bringing up a test net
  • Simple recipe for connecting to our test net
  • Sample smart contract that uses this system
  • Simple “send a string, recevive a string” app
  • Step-by-step explanation of how the string goes from sender to receiver
  • Simple “send a data struct, receive a data struct” app
  • Demonstration of identity
  • Demonstration of saving metadata about an identity
  • Demonstration of retrieving metadata about an identity
  • Demonstration of storing/sharing a large file in the context of the DSNP
  • Demonstration of permissioned access to an asset
  • Demonstration of filtering
  • Demonstration of encrypted content
  • Demonstration of connecting to DSNP and using it from golang,
    javascript, python, kotlin, etc.
  • Simple one-to-one messaging application that uses DSNP
  • Simple group chat application
  • Simple one-to-one video application that uses DSNP
  • Simple group video application that uses DSNP
  • Group video plus chat integrated
  • Simple mobile (both iOS and Android) app that does chat via DSNP
  • Simple web app that chats to a mobile app user via DSNP
  • Simple decentralized web-commenting app (like disqus)
  • Decentralized gravatar replacement via DSNP
  • Demonstration of using DSNP for auth to a third-party asset
  • Mastodon bridge?
  • Matrix/Riot bridge?

Some of these make sense, some of them are out of scope. Many are these aren’t the docs we need right now, but some of them would be helpful immediately. More to come as we figure out what we’re really going to write in this area.