Eventual chain mobility

The registry section of the spec says “Ids will need to be moved from Betanet to Mainnet” (https://spec.projectliberty.io/Identity/Registry) and I want to ask whether we can push that toward greater portability than that? We envision moving to mainnet, but what provisions are we making for moving beyond mainnet if the underlying chain fails to meet our long-term needs?

The big example here is that there is a pretty clear need to eventually have the ability to move off PoW. If the chain we choose today doesn’t enable us to ditch PoW, we need to be able to ditch the chain. That has to be true both technologically and politically.

I’m trying to figure out right now where in the spec we should enable this, and this line in the registry seems like a candidate for adjustment. If I’m wrong about that, where would be the right place to look?

On a related note, the ability to do multi-chain would also address some of this pressure. It might also enable interesting approaches to censorship avoidance.


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Ethereum is getting Proof Of Stake, which is super awesome. Making sure we have the ability to move when major advances like that arise seems like it hits our goal of being flexible, instead of prescient.