The Difference between Project Liberty and Block Stack?

The Difference between Project Liberty and Block Stack?

Could anyone explain this to me, I am new to this.



Hi Mark,

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It is difficult to know exactly how to answer that question. There are so many differences between these two efforts. DSNP is a protocol for social networking meant to work with a variety of other protocols and ecosystems. We use a blockchain, but we are not a blockchain project. We are not an app. I am not an expert on Block Stack, but it is fair to say that Block Stack is a whole system of blockchain-based, decentralized applications designed to address a wide variety of uses.

More broadly, Project Liberty is broader than just DSNP and social networking. We are working on tech, sure, but we are also doing a variety of media and social work aimed at supporting a network of civil society organizations as they improve the way people interact with each other. We are working on the question of governance at multiple levels.

What all this adds up to is that Block Stack and Liberty have some superficial similarities in that we are both associated with blockchains and smart contracts, but our focuses are pretty different, our tech is quite different, and our goals, while overlapping on the general notion of decentralization, also differ.