We're a fledgling social media company, how do we use DSNP?

Been following project Liberty for a hot minute. Love the concept, would love to talk to the guys behind all this.

We’re a startup called Plaeto. I love the concept of DSNP and would love to see to to implement this, / what it would look like to implement.

Are there any DSNP “sherpas”?

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Thanks for your interest in the Liberty DSNP platform! To be clear, we currently support a limited set of use cases - we have a working SDK and an example client which illustrates how to use the SDK to create an application. The contracts are also deployed on Rinkeby and Ropsten Ethereum testnets, however, we will not remain on Ethereum, largely due to its extreme cost. We are deeply into the process of chain evaluation (see the chain selection thread) and will be rewriting the SDK and example clients to use the new chain, once it’s been chosen. We are working hard to roll out additional functionality quickly see roadmap here

With that said, what it would look like to implement an application on Liberty DSNP will still be very similar, just the underlying blockchain connections will be different. The DSNP Specification is a good starting point for learning the fundamentals of the platform, is chain-agnostic and unlikely to fundamentally change. You can head on over to our GitHub LibertyDSNP organization and especially check out the TypeScript sdk and the example-client. If you do end up trying to get these up and working, we would love feedback you have on the documentation and how easy or hard it was for you to set up. We welcome people to submit new GitHub issues in the appropriate repository. Do reach out to us on the forum to ask for help or with any other questions you have!