Any open source DSNP applications?

Hello. Thank you for your work on DSNP. While I know MeWe is making use of DSNP, I am not aware of any open source applications demonstrating use of DSNP. Are any such applications available for inspection and experimentation?

Much appreciated,

Hi @bmiller59,

It is under active development, but Amplica Labs is working on a suite of services to make building on DSNP/Frequency easier. In conjunction with that is a template/demo application that you can use to get started.

Warning under development: GitHub - AmplicaLabs/gateway: Gateway microservices for DSNP/Frequency

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Thank you! This is great, and I understand it is in active development.

So this can be used to docker-compose the backend docker services for the API: GitHub - AmplicaLabs/gateway: Gateway microservices for DSNP/Frequency

And this is the frontend app example that interacts with the API: GitHub - AmplicaLabs/social-app-template: Social Application Template that uses Gateway Services

Is that correct?


Correct. The social application template has both a backend and and frontend portion. It is almost completely integrated with the gateway services as of this time, but might still have parts that aren’t fully tested.

Better documentation for it all is coming once it is all working together nicely.

I would like to understand something. Let’s say I implement this software - the BE part say. And then I want to build a social app on it - let’s call it Liberty Cruise Lines (LCL). If someone has an account with LCL and another person has an account on MeWe - both are W3 accounts- polkadot blockchain. Can the social app that I build find both persons and display the posts of both of them (let’s assume they are connected and talking to each other or the posting is to the world/followers).

This is the point I am trying to get to. I apologize if it is a rudimentary use case or I am using the wrong terminology, but it a core issue for me that I am trying to get to.