Developer Update - February 2021

The Decentralized Social Network Protocol (DSNP) will allow users to own and control their social graph. In our posts, we highlight some of the development that has happened in the past month. We’ve included links to our repositories in Github below. Of course, we invite you to add your comments and questions to the discussions at

February DSNP Update— Summary of specification progress:

  • Open sourced the spec writing repository, making it available for contributions
  • Internal testnet infrastructure is running, our goal is preparing to evolve to public testnet
  • Versioning statuses were determined
  • Thanks to the work of contributors:
  • Prepped the basic structure for SDK repo to go public


  • DSNP spec website is available and running
  • Internal testnet infrastructure and associated infrastructure are running
  • Open source contract repository
  • Open source SDK repository
  • Open source example client repository
  • Identity spec
  • Expand messaging spec details
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