Developer Update - September 2021

In September, hosted our first developer summit. It was an amazing success for all of the people we met, the projects we saw demoed, the history we learned, and the knowledge everyone shared. We look forward to more opportunities to spend time with this community. As always, we invite you to add your comments and questions to the discussions at

  • September DSNP update - summary of progress:

    • Final chain selection underway.
    • The first DSNP Summit for Decentralized Infrastructure was a success. Looking forward to additional conferences and conversations.
    • Read some recent news about Project Liberty and DSNP.
    • Example client
      • Improved documentation, onboarding, and usability for those new to DSNP.
    • Spec
      • Official release of Version 1.0 of DSNP on Ethereum.
      • Updated Roadmap.
  • Upcoming

    • Updates on chain selection.

Just posted a long update on chain selection here: Update on Chain selection

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