Developer Update - August 2021

In August, we prepared for our Summit for Decentralized Infrastructure, which will be held on September 22 in NYC. We plan to discuss a variety of topics, including identity, privacy, and authenticity. And we have an example client to show activity on DSNP. We’re excited to show you our progress! Please contact James if you’re interested in joining the Summit. As always, we invite you to add your comments and questions to the discussions at

  • August update — Summary of progress:

    • Additional feature work to improve the example client.
    • Testnet
      • Deployed contracts to Rinkeby and Ropsten.
    • Spec
      • Planned new features.
      • Updated Announcement specification with better types.
    • SDK
      • Lots of bug fixes.
      • Updates to align with the spec type changes.
      • Improved interface for reading batch file announcements.
      • Read about all the changes here.
  • Upcoming

    • Final chain selection underway.
    • Testnet
      • Expanding to use Ethereum testnets. Contract address to be published in September.
      • Status of betanet TBD.
    • Spec
      • Official release of Version 1.0 of DSNP on Ethereum.
      • Updated Roadmap.
    • SDK
      • Focus on bug fixes as we prepare for chain selection.
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