Future DSNP Work

There is a lot of work ahead on DSNP. Everybody involved in the project has a roadmap in their head. Everybody’s roadmap differs, of course, but we all have some notion of what notes a successful DSNP needs to consider between here and wide adoption. As we head toward a milestone moment, teams are starting to think about what’s just over the horizon and also about the long-term future.

Today, the DSNP spec team brainstormed a list of things to tackle. I’m posting that list here as an invitation for comment, for more ideas, for contributions or even for people to take ownership. This list represents a brainstorm from one session, not a roadmap. This isn’t an announcement that we’re tackling these things next, just a window into that session.

This list overlaps with the one we brainstormed in another session a few days ago with slightly different folks, which I think is evidence that the engineering folks are seeing things similarly, no matter which tasks they are focused on at the moment.

Content Moderation

  • Implement some content moderation at DSNP level
  • Sample service node that does simple keyword filtering
  • Block/allow lists
  • Network storage of personal blocking
  • Original poster content moderation suggestions
    Note: we have a content moderation working group, so this work should happen there

Scalability / Portability

  • Multichain support (this can mean so many things!)
  • Namespaces

Verified Attributes

  • Implement verified attributes
  • Content licensing (verified attribute proofs for ActivityContent)
  • identity verification

Storage, recovery, backups

  • Storage spec for byo storage
  • Long term storage of announcement data
  • Storage of private graph
  • expand archivists spec
  • backing up own socialID/graph/profile securely
  • Social identity access recover


  • Off-chain publisher syncing, i.e. peer-to-peer batch files
  • Off-chain client syncing, i.e. peer-to-peer messaging

Service Node Stuff

  • indexers (role, operation, purpose) or reference to docs of this
  • Protocol for service node discovery/advertisement
  • Direct to chain announcements
  • recommendations / suggestions for improving user experience? I.e. for displaying/syncing content before it’s announced in a batch


  • Token Integration
  • token model, ad model or reference to these


  • Private communication
  • Encrypted announcements
  • Dead drops
  • privacy guidelines? discussion of how privacy can be protected, recommendations, how do we handle this in a spec?
  • Explainer on privacy properties of the network vs clients

External Integrations

  • Full Activity Streams support (i.e. announcements can be read as ActivityPub create, update, delete events via an API)
  • Bridges to existing social networks


  • Spec compatibility test suite so we can certify compliance
  • Identity spec for byo identity