Governance and Control Points

Broadly speaking, we can define “making policy” as “influencing behavior and affecting outcomes”. Lessig’s Code identifies four ways one can influence behavior: law (rules), norms, code, and markets. We are trying to identify all the places in our stack where there might be a control point somebody (not necessarily us) can use to make policy. This post is a request for brainstorming help. It is a place to identify these points. Even if some of them are places we won’t want anybody to exercise power, identifying them here is useful.

Some examples of places we think there might be control points include:

  • Content Moderation infrastructure
  • Structures that encourage, allow, incentivize participation
  • End-user facing dashboards that allow for broad configuration settings

What other points of interest do you think we should pay attention to?

  • Structures that encourage, allow, incentivize participation -

You can’t control the data out, only data in. Blockchain is a process and storage always has an excuse attached. The question is what are we storing that is actually someone else’s stuff? Oh, and why again? Is it need or excuse for storing what someone buying something may call data. People seem to always gather knives cast by con artists. You are asking to shield; to endeavor on a stream of data that is peculiar to the person applying structures to shift privacy concerns. Identifying data is an art of marketing departments to inflate. Who’s to say that any of the scraping devices were actually created by any of these companies because code is just protected by copyright. It is never patented because everything you wright is property of the language owner, like Swift/Apple. The language owner owns the copyright on which any developer may wish to be published. Language is the patented good, not the code like any of the below mentioned apps.

Privacy is a concept of “marketing persons,” but is thought to be of marketing departments because for some reason people in the user-sphere masses may be persuaded by middle men that write apps and call themselves companies, when actually these companies are just delivery devices for the proliferation of code owned by some language licensee. It reminds me of a real estate agent convincing the seller of a property that there is no Broker involved or a used car salesmen of another industry commandeering power for the stockholder of the brokerage or even the car lot. These developing agents of the language are just sales people and the code is just the vehicle.

The masses are the best place to withdraw property. It is easier when people give freely, as if there is nothing to lose. This mass appeal of liberty is actually a cry and emotion is how today’s social media metrics based racketeering organizations make money, control. Even little shifts makes a big difference as demonstrated in political avenues. A lie is a lie, right? So, what you are asking is how to extinguish the harm from those that control the data? I just put ownership into the masses and removed any “data” by honesty forced upon ownership. If honesty runs a market, changes are fast and masses are exacerbated; systems just fail. Product demand models reflect failure as well as success. Emphasis on directive allows for masses to direct the business as according to need and prove that democracy is just capitalism in the open. Lack of transparency just lends itself to criminality. Anything lacking full transparency is not capitalism but some other form designed to extract from masses. People wish to live the promise that all of these cons have, sharing. Where to share is to be welcome , NOT LIMITED.

The solve has nothing to do with that whole world of cyber nonsense. There is no solve, only wrong systems. The block chain thing that all of you guys are so influenced by is designed to absorb all of your time and allow you to continue to do nothing due to the chaos that is the entire industry propping up around the idea of a secure way to ALLOW PERSONAL DATA TO BE SHARED.

Can you hear the buzzer going off? I got this some 4 years back and applied for patent then. The power is in the removal of personal property and dump the model of superior people in an influencer sphere. That was sh** from the git. The way I answered the call was in the solution. By backing out the entire problem with security, we find out that the metrics are the so called problem. Mine is to remove sales of personal data, period.

How I did it was to remove the triggers entirely by making ownership shared, not someone’s property. Let actions be part of others. Distribute and decentralize the ownership of anything that those interested in YOU as scaleable data that can be sold without benefit to those creating and OWNING their data. This whole way of gathering and sorting vital data is criminal in scope from the onset. Mine uses none of this crap that those who short markets care about. It allows for data to be shared, not personal data transfer to a silo of rape and pillage not to be disassociated with that of this Putin guy.

Before we make more war criminal thought patterns in the design of everyone’s chances to prosper, we all need to fall back. It is time to rethink, not try to work with these thieves in the new marketing space of social order. The trick is to put the faith in the masses, not the management of the masses. The metrics based crisis is just that, fictitious. All anyone has to do is quit using Apps associated with data, like all blockchain, social media, search engines, and pariah governments that operate in the sphere of whatever crypto is and propaganda. I insist that the masses will always learn and that all of this managing of the masses as if they are inferior is over.

Does that help? I should get the patent approval anytime now, so I’ll keep in touch to show you how to think about all that is supposed TECH. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and TicTok are just apps and blockchain a process. The mean nothing and all have been duplicated. These guys that are supposedly investors are the issue. Everything is drive and the masses have no choice as mergers persist and laws are enacted to cover up the issues these criminal elements into the fold of the masses. My public utility has no future for them and I don’t care if no one gets what a utility is because of the mess the fossil fuels industry has made of the laws especially wrapped around anything having to do with innovation. I get nepotism and this is all this whole masculine workspace for human tragedy is.

I’ll do it again for those that don’t get how utility works. The benefit is distributed without centralization. That is that whole states’ rights crap, so if the shoe is full of sh**, it is not the property of Cinderella, right?

The code can’t be protected in any app. The structure is wrong, sorry for exposing the dirty little secret about value and lack of it due to illegitimacy as scrapers of personal data as if it creates ability for anything to those that are actually doing most of the work for these so called tech businesses. That is how inflation is generated, not revenue. If keeping bad actors out of your app’s code is the problem, the solve is the data gathering techniques as if they were to never know WHO is WHO for WHOM to Have, okay? You have to step outside of the provided services as being more of old tech pushed by those learning to prosper from its proliferation. A process is not a storage device. And a storage device is not something you hold others’ property in. If someone wishes to push themselves on others, great. But when someone extorts your information under the guise of being safe, we have a problem and people will never see benefit of what ever they create together, that event will be owned, likened to the hubris of the NFL and whatever foreign country will operate their marketing structure, as they see fit for their masses as a limiting structure and dominance. The crap kings and used car sales people exemplify as a part of an industry where “Subjects” are more blockchain-ed objects of Kompromat than anything near free as personal data is held over the users’ heads as a person that could do so much more, right? It is just time to quit beating that horse, it is dead and the Trust Is Broken. Laws and regulations can’t shield abuse of applications as bankers buy up all that is the making of the blockchain process forcing energy exploitation due to its exorbitant use. It reminds me of a snake eating its tail.

In Summary, the “data in” has to be seen differently. It can not be for resale. The products created by the connectivity is the market and the merchandise will be distributed across it. The fact that some is is s not enough for someone else to know of them without that party publishing their data. Quit publishing data; quit putting data into streams aligned with commercial factions or those that would not have any interest in good will. The application to the system I designed is to be hacked and grabbed like all the rest, but the data is not the same and doesn’t translate to sales goals within any company not willing to work with the masses and give up on trying to manage them. I was hoping you guys would be up and running by the time the patent is approved so I can show you how it really doesn’t matter about so called privacy when there is nothing to steal, hurt, or destroy, as in the common view of how business is supposed to work. Those visions lead to shorts on the rights of the people often thought of as regulations, that’s all. Personally, I’m not betting against democracy. Not until there is a better system and autocracy nor language ownership is not it.

All computer language is built on “CLASS.” To write into one of these languages is to be limited in scope from the git-go. What is your class? Maybe you should have been born to another mother or played ball will the ownership class. Of course, there is that bootstrap thing and that whole American dream as outlined in historical renderings and statues adorning the halls of Congress. Try being who you are without the connections you have and wonder, should I at least try to help others even though I am a heartless company employee with an NDA hanging over my head or should I just resign and let the bottom fall from these houses of cards built on nepotism that hold progress down to their level? Let’s just blow past them since they don’t get it anyway, okay?

Hi @RMGlasgow, @james

I’m afraid this decision will likely stand as the other EU DPA’s are much less accommodating about illegal “data sharing” +++:

Europe faces Facebook blackout – POLITICO

Even if say FB instead, processed the personal data somewhere in the EU (Ireland) so that data did not flow to the USA, it is still illegal because FB do not have a lawful basis (GDPR) for collecting personal data, full stop. This has far reaching implications beyond FB too. Kind Regards, Patrick