Improvement Proposal naming

As the joke goes, naming is one of the hard problems in programming.

So Ethereum has EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) and Filecoin has FIPs (Filecoin Improvement Protocol)… So what does DSNP want to name change proposals? Current ideas:

  • DSNPIP (DSNP Improvement Proposal)
  • DIP (DSNP Improvement Proposal)
  • PIP (Protocol Improvement Proposal)
  • SIP (Spec Improvement Proposal/Social Improvement Proposal/System Improvement Proposal)
  • SNI (Social Network Improvement)
  • SNIP (Social Network Improvement Proposal)
  • NIP (Network Improvement Proposal)
  • PCR (Protocol Change Request)
  • PCP (Protocol Change Proposal)
  • SCP (Spec Change Proposal)
  • PDI (Proposal for DSNP Improvement)

Thoughts? Other ideas?

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PUP Protocol Update/Upgrade Proposal, similarly SNUP, NUP, DSNPUP
Also combinations of Update/Upgrade + Request

We discussed some in the weekly spec meeting. Here are the notes:

  • We like the idea of trying to avoid common name collisions especially in the software/internet world (SIP, PIP).
  • We liked keeping DSNP as part of the meaning and not going generic
  • That really mostly left DIP as the winning solution (although there was some worry about collisions with hardware)

So DIP wins for now. I’ll be trying to update the issue template soon.

Also discussed was what process we wanted for DIPs to go through. For now the answer is Issue + PR for spec change → Merged PR + Closed Issue. DIPs that are not a spec change (things that are just standards like EIP-721) might just need a new place to live on the spec.