List of user stories?

Is there a list of detailed user stories, detailed requirements (or such … never mind which specific methodology used) somewhere? I assume such a thing was created, even if just in somebody’s head :slight_smile: before any protocol design was started? Is there a chance to get a brain dump from whoever has them in their head?

This relates to the design decisions I asked about earlier but is perhaps the better question to ask.

I’m asking because I’m basically not understanding how one arrives from general-purpose decentralized social media user stories at the design that was created. (For example, many others have looked at general-purpose decentralized social media user stories over the past decade plus and come up with designs, almost all of which are very different from this design.) That doesn’t mean this design is wrong, only that people like me would like to have specific user stories in front of them that say “Oh, I see, yes, this user story is clearly important, and to support that, we clearly need this design.”

A phrase like "“Federated protocols, with their dependence on shared servers, generally can’t provide strong user data ownership guarantees.” sort of points to it, but is too high-level to tell. It should be something like “As a non-technical user with a mobile phone, I want to … in order to accomplish …” (with the context of “which I can’t do with …”).