Support Groups Feature

How can the protocol support public and private groups?

It seems like we must create a private key for each ID ( user ) we want to communicate with - what if we have a Group with thousands of users like Telegram?

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@mikestaub Private groups are on the roadmap but there’s a few ways it might shake out. We want the definition of a private group to exist at the DSNP level. We haven’t yet defined how we accomplish that. There’s still a lot of feature development left in the spec (including, for example, dead drops) that might lead us to a solution that aligns with the rest of the spec.

Right now, you could do this at the client level in much the same way any other service would, but of course that doesn’t get you portability. And, yes, if you want encrypted conversations with forward secrecy for a group of 1000 people, that’s a hard problem no matter which level you do it on.

In the mean time, if you’re interested in participating in the spec development discussion, I can find ways to include you. We’ve been trying to push more information on those discussions out as they happen.

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Sounds good, and yes I’d like to be included in the development discussions. Which are the latest active threads?