Starting a Dev stack and places to begin

Hey all!

Was just informed of this project and I am super excited this is coming to fruition. By trade I am a full stack developer using react native for developing cross platform mobile apps.

I have been reading through the forums and documentation and am a little confused but I’ll try my best to fix that over time.

Would it be most beneficial to the network and the project overall to begin developing user-end applications now? Or would my time be better invested learning some blockchain and helping to build the network now and maybe transition at some point later?

Thank you all for your time and I can’t wait to get started!

Hey Poorman! Thanks so much for checking in. Knowing where to start is always difficult.

We’re making progress on the Example Client and your skills might be useful there. Take a look at that code and the README and ping back with thoughts.

We’re also doing a lot of robust discussion in the issue comments of the spec and that’s a good place to dig in if you are interested at the spec level. If the spec work is more your thing, feel free to read it, ask questions, and contribute to issues or file new ones.

I think if you look at those two things, you’ll have a good sense of where your talents might best serve. From my point of view, there’s good work to be done everywhere!

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