Weekly Spec Discussion 2021-07-01

Each week the DSNP spec team meets. Most of the notes are on specific issues on the spec on GitHub, but occasionally we get on larger topics such as this week. Other DSNP spec team members are encouraged to post their notes as well.

What is the goal of the spec?

Spec vs documentation (tutorials, videos, blog posts, etc)


  • Ok to be dense and detail oriented.
  • Where is the flexibility?
  • Not the first place people look for, but the source of truth
  • Ignore good prose for clarity
  • More focus on minimums and limits
  • What to do when you don’t support something
  • What do do when dealing with something that is non-compliant

Documentation / Tutorial / Etc…

  • Best practices
  • Where people start with finding
  • Good Prose
  • Organized for humans

DSNP Org Level management of non-spec compliance options

  • Ignore / suggest clients ignore that data
  • SDK level ignoring

Lots of other discussion…


  • We are going to try to reorganized the spec into more individual specs for better composition
  • Look toward more minimal specs
  • Look toward adding a place for more content