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Project Liberty is developing infrastructure to create a unified, universally accessible social graph that will not be owned by anyone. You can build anything on top of it to communicate with anyone. While we will provide building blocks for people and organizations, the success of this work, in fact, depends on actively working together to shape a better future. I invite you to go here to read more about our vision. For guidelines on the use of our forum, please check under Announcements.

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Two points:
a) Could the “code of conduct” be a link in the message text, rather than flat text?
b) GRAMMAR POLICE !! "owned VERB intransitive => Will not be owned BY anyone

ALSO: - Hello, and I hope I can get my englishtap.com domain to play decentralised . I’ve been trying for ten years but on my own

Thanks leonwool -
This was in fact a great reminder that we needed to update this as we have evolved. I’ve added a few links that I think will help. Good luck with your work!