Adding moderation at the block level

Denise asked me to put down some thoughts on moderation for Harry, Scott, and the other people working on protocol and tokens.

First, if you have a censorship button, you will be called upon to use it. I’m not sure this network benefits from PL or UL being the arbiters of what gets shared.

Second, if you don’t build a censorship button, people will use this network for terrible things, and that will cause all kinds of difficulties and keep you up at night, worrying about how you made life easier for the worst people.

There might be a middle ground. I don’t know enough about your blockchain implementation to know how this applies here, but hopefully this leads in a useful direction. My thought is that censorship at the protocol level would happen when an actor adds a block to the chain. They might exclude transactions that contain disfavored content. If a lot of those actors refuse blocks with disfavored content (or from parties that repeatedly submit disfavored content), it becomes harder to put that kind of thing into the universal chain. For near-universally disfavored content, it can become impossible.

I don’t think this stuff needs to happen at the protocol level (though maybe some support should be added).

The question is what do we need to build to enable that kind of community moderating activity. I have some thoughts. It’s possible I’m moving in the wrong direction entirely, so I’ll leave off here as a starting point.

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