DSNP.org weekly meeting notes - 2021-07-14

DSNP.org Weekly Meeting

The team tries to get together weekly. Here are my notes from 2021-07-14.


Had a great call with her yesterday and she had a lot of creative, insightful comments and suggestions. In particular she recommended we talk to Coral.


Coral is a newspaper commenting service. They manage the comments section of a ton of newspapers.

  • Costs of the blockchain - right now we’re very expensive for a synchronized commenting section. That will change, but it’s an early-adopter constraint for now.
  • SSO is a thing we can be good at

Demo Video

Denise raised the question about us doing a demo video to help show people what is cool about dsnp. This section reflects the ensuing discussion.

She reports that she caught up with Braxton and Alison about the demo at the summit. There’s no intention to do video on the LIVE stage, but we can link people to it. The video should be owned by the US App team or the Blockchain team, and that puts us back in DSNP land. Use cases for the video: share it widely on the net. Apps we demo are the US App, a game, and the Example-based fandom client. We show how data and identity move, regardless of app. App 3 is a simple game and we’re showing off discovery of friends for gaming. The game itself is just a static image.

This is really two demos. The gaming one is less urgent (and we don’t want people to mistake us for something as narrow as a gaming-oriented project). So let’s do the US App <-> Fandom app first. We can do the gaming one second. Also, let’s show how names can change in different apps. Harry wonders whether the facets work is ready for us to pull this off now. Rose says multiple handles per user is in there, but other aspects of facets isn’t.

TJ says he and Heather will work up a design spec, get Alex to sign off. Denise says “let’s nail down a timeline”.

Also, do we have the media production and voice talent lined up? James says yes that won’t be difficult.

Content Moderation

Allison and Chris raised Content Moderation

When can we do a kickoff meeting? Let’s get the google group moving, do the kickoff when Alison/Braxton/Harry are free to attend.

Denise adds: Ethics team discussion raised the question of whether we can have the Georgetown folks and Science Po review the protocol and maybe that intersects with content moderation. Maybe they can be involved in the kickoff.

Allison asks “should the GT and Sciences Po folks be in the WGs?” James says yes please. Denise says it’s a good way to deepen engagement.


Rose - Working on SDK. Been doing a lot of refactoring. App Indexer, Example client, will depend on the SDK. Clean up the mess before we get locked in. Soon changes to the API will be breaking changes, so let’s get in there early when there’s less stuff to break. Also, she is working on the validation system.

Harry - whitepaper work

Alex - Example Client - getting parquet js to compile was a pain, but now it’s there. We’re writing something looks like Parquet JS and might actually work.

Heather - Working on the example client design and interface issues!

Claire - Also on the example client. Ton of progress. Dev portal design and implementation on DSNP.org has taken a back seat, but it is not forgotten. But let’s get it done by end of month.

Chris - caught us up on a bunch of old action items. Thanks Chris for catching things like that!

Scott -

  • Set up google groups for board and advisory
  • What kind of environments do we want to have? Test net, production, beta? What else?