DSNP Weekly Notes 2021-07-28

Here are the notes from our weekly DSNP meeting.


Update on summit: invites are going ok, but covid is depressing turnout as expected

I was invited on to Christine Morgan Weber’s podcast to discuss ???. Christine
is working on Object capabilities (james will share a doc on that)

Rose: SDK team is working on getting things up to spec
Will sync with TJ on Fandom app

Alex: getting example client ready to be turned into the fandom app. We can now
read profile info, associated it with posts as they come in. Doesn’t need much
more than that, but we’ll have some basics in place if we do. Alex is going on
vacay tomorrow and Shannon will take over Fandom infrastructure. Claire will
work on style. When he returns, there will be more. He’s soft out rest of
week, then out all of next week. When we went through the plan next week, the
example client was going to branch out to the Fandom/Foodee app. Are we there?

Foodee app is ready to be forked off from example client. App has base
functinality it needs and so we can build on top. More core functionality will
come, and we can rebase. Maybe we’ll add following at some point. But follow
is not in the script from the Foodee side, just on the Us side. From the Us
side, we show the effects of the follow.

Do we need to show a login flow? No, user can already be logged in.

Chris: I’ll update tickets in Pivotal to say “Foodee” instead of “fandom”. We
need to update to “Foodee” everywhere.

Heather: [Showed current draft of the Foodee app design-- it’s super awesome] All pics are
CC-licensed, but she’ll check that the licenses allow commercial use. Alex
identifies some elements that aren’t ready yet. Heather took the feedback about
what to remove from the design. What can we mock? Christina says Denise says

Alex: we can prioritize follows so it’s there in the app. The example client doesn’t even import following rn.

Claire: Example client stuff w/ Alex. Replies happening on the chain, so that’s
exciting. When Shannon gives her the green light, she can go crazy on CSS to
make it look like Heather’s work.

Harry: No specific update

Rigo: On the app side, we’re just fleshing out the apps so we have the script
frryor the video demo. Deadline for that 17 Aug. Getting the app in a position to
be read for that demo. App is looking good, working with Ashley on the backend.

Chris: Content moderation moving forward, so I think the idea is short term
needs vs long term needs. For Sept, we want to get some policies down in terms
of what we need for the Us app to be up and running. What’s the UX going to be
like when a post is flagged, etc. Long term, it’s more of “what’s the overall
strategy for content moderation”? Meanwhile, he collected CM requirements. [he
showed this doc in a screenshare.

Harry: From a state-management standpoint, there’s stuff unflagged, referred but
not yet reviewed, reviewed? What is going to be ready for Sept? We need to
refine the nomenclature here.

James asks where does flag info get stored? Harry: The content indexer handles it. No
evidence of flagging at the chain level. It’s a filter applied at the indexer
level at this stage. The Foodee app, for example, isn’t using an indexer, so it
won’t notice any flags.

Rose jumped in with SDK info: while we don’t have a flag feature, if you do want
to unilaterally take down content, delete the content. So if we’re the storage
for that piece of content, we just delete it and it’s effectively inaccessible
because the pointers to it are broken.

Harry notes that censorship vs CM is subjective and we have to be clear and
sensitive to concerns. We need to chart a path between unilateral takedown and

James: what are the places where we can say “that’s unacceptable, even if the
sending and receiving app are the same”? Do we have those control points? We
don’t have them yet. But indexers will need to layer in their own acceptable
use policies. And… what about e2e content?

Chris: what’s the best forum to discuss the CM UI stuff with the team for Sept?

Christina: we’re only going to address what it looks like when something is

Chris: Eventually, we need a process for review and appeal.

Christina: we don’t need to have that in place for Sept.

Chris: We need a visual indicator.

Christina: Heather is working on it. There will be a visual rep that something
came through from Hive.

Heather: says we can review that visual indicator next week

Harry: we need some kind of explanation of the AUP in the app.

James: is that really a priority?

Christina: I don’t think so. Given the small size of our audience and lack of
distribution, we can get by in Sept without it.

Allison Randal: blog post needs a final review, she’ll look at example client

James housekeeping: I’m on vacay next week. Going to post the notes.

Rose housekeeping: She is bowing out of these meetings since we’re not doing a
ton of SDK stuff in them.

Rose: Shannon, did you get your questions answered.

Shannon: I got my login questions answered, thanks.

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