How should I build my dapp with MRC?

For the eth-global hackathon I started a decentralized social media project I call PostThread, which you can view here PostThread · ETHGlobal Showcase. I am continuing the project for the Polkadot hackathon starting Monday, so I have been researching and stumbled upon this project. It seems like a perfect fit for my project as I plan to utilize the social graph to create an economy to pay content producers.
My questions are:

  1. How is this protocol meant to be used? Should I be implementing it on my own parachain or should I be calling it from my parachain?
  • If call it then where and how can I do so? Is it on a testnet or something (I am new to polkadot so also not entirely sure how the testnet works).

Extra Question

If MRC is meant to be it’s own parachain and called by others, how do you plan to keep contract call costs down if millions of people join?


Welcome @McIan91!
Thanks for your excitement and this question.
For right now, the path is still being created so I would invite you to follow our progress at the MRC repo. We are sharing our milestones there.

@McIan91 To address your contract call costs question, we don’t have smart contracts, however your question is still relevant, and to answer that please check out our Concept Post series here on the Forum, especially post " 04: Batching Source-Dependent Messages with Delegation". You’ll get the most benefit reading them in order though.