Developer Update - June 2021

Last month, our contributors met a huge milestone — we’ve delivered the first usable releases of the contracts and SDK. Congratulations! We’ve got big plans for this month as well — we’re preparing for a public testnet launch and beginning example client integration. As always, we invite you to add your comments and questions to the discussions at

  • June DSNP update — Summary of progress:

    • SDK
      • Made alpha releases of contracts and SDK for initial development. These releases will be subject to change, but are usable. These updates aligned the SDK with spec and contracts.
      • Parquet.js release with browser support, to move toward full browser compatibility for the SDK.
      • SDK minor version changes are now guaranteed to not have breaking changes.
    • Spec
  • Upcoming

    • Prepare for public testnet launch in mid-July.

    • SDK

      • Example client integration is starting.
      • Ongoing work to bring SDK into parity with the spec.
      • Additional major releases with new features.
    • Spec

      • Ongoing discussion to address content deletion.
      • Working toward a big reorganization to match language and structural standards for specs.