Testnet is now live!

Hi Everyone!

We are excited to announce that our Testnet is now live. Testnet authority nodes are:
- node0.testnet.dsnp.org:8545
- node1.testnet.dsnp.org:8545

The configuration spec for the Testnet can be found in our [network-specs repo[(GitHub - LibertyDSNP/network-specs).

Our testnet faucet is available at faucet.tesnet.dsnp.org.

All DSNP smart contracts that are currently available on chain can be found in our contracts repo.

To make contract interaction easier - version v1.0.0 of our SDK is also available.

Contract addresses are also published in the README of the SDK

We are currently running the OpenEthereum client and are using their PoA consensus mechanism. More on OpenEthereum can be found here.

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