Twitter's Project Bluesky

For those that are unaware, there is an effort happening now to decentralize the Twitter API.

Many of the goals are shared with this project, so there may be an opportunity to collaborate.

Thank you, Mike! We are indeed aware of Bluesky. They have a discord, and I’ve been following some of the conversations there. From my POV, it’s intriguing and as that work firms up, I hope it starts to make life easier for this project.

Thanks @mikestaub and @james. I doubt that anyone can have missed the reporting worldwide on Twitter/Elon Musk:

Musk puts Twitter acquisition ‘temporarily on hold’ (

A core tenet of Musk’s stated plans for Twitter is the removal of spam accounts from Twitter, and to insist that all human users should be verified. Verifying human users retrospectively will be challenging, legally, and is not trivial, technically. This will also impact the current, underlying advertising business model - lower advertising revenues. I think Project Liberty benefits from avoiding the challenges that are increasingly problematic for the current platforms :slight_smile:.
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